Another Celebrity in Burkini !

Another Celebrity in Burkini !

She has been sharing swimsuit snaps from her latest sunny getaway. 

But Lindsay Lohan - who has recently been studying Islam - opted for a Burkini as she set out for a paddleboarding session in Phuket last week.

The two-piece ensemble covered the 30-year-old Mean Girls actress head-to-toe as she got to grips with a large board on the beach before venturing out into the water.

Lohan's head was covered with a black hood which also concealed her ears.

The long tunic stopped midway down her thighs and was layered over some black pants with stirrups. 

The actress has been vacationing in the country for two weeks and before that was in Dubai visiting family, according to her Instagram.

Lohan has become fond of headscarves in recent months and has also revealed she's been studying the Qur'an.

She recently revealed she has finally found a sense of 'solace' in her life, after hitting the milestone age of 30 and embracing her spiritual side.

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